Be Inspired

Our mission is to help businesses grow through delivering fully integrated corporate communications campaigns.

About Us

Nick West has over 22 years experience in corporate communications with a variety of globally focused UK listed, European and United States businesses. Much of his career has been orientated to campaigns to win multi-billion pound procurement programmes. With sectoral expertise spanning aerospace, aviation, defence, security, intelligence, and electronics, he has worked on numerous advanced platform, system and network level technologies. A firm believer in leadership being about 'getting the best from people rather than the most', he has change management experience in business transformation, productivity, culture and innovation programmes.

At Inspired Corporate Communications we believe that many businesses encounter a disconnect between brand attributes and the experience of customers and other stakeholders.  Complexity, inertia, poor organisation, ineffective leadership, and low employee engagement are amongst a myriad  pathologies which adversely affect brands and reputations. Inspired Corporate Communications applies some core methodologies to businesses, of all sizes, which address the issue and its causes. Rather than simply advising your business on what it should do, we will do this for you, saving time and resources, optimising return on investment, and increasing brand advocacy to generates sales.

Defining & Articulating the Narrative

The 787-8 Flight Deck

Connecting businesses with their customers and stakeholders through developing compelling narratives is what we do. With over 20 years expertise in story telling, marketing, communications and brand building campaigns we can convert complex technologies, systems and capabilities into bold, distinctive and inspiring narratives.

Engaging Employees to Give Their Best

Our belief is that everyone from the C-Suite to the shop floor can actively contribute to the value of the business. We help inspire them, so they know how they can give their best, through creating compelling, multi-channel employee engagement campaigns.